About Sulphur City Sabers



Who Are Sulphur City Sabers?

Sulphur City Sabers is the sister brand of Sulphur City Foundry (our custom lightsabers workshop), with both headed up by our lovely, cuddly lead saber nerd, Roy. With a ‘community first’ attitude, you’ll find him heavily involved in the local Rotorua and national saber scene where he’s been building custom lightsabers and attending weekly events since day one!

An avid electronics geek & lifelong Star Wars fan, he’s a walking encyclopaedia of saber knowledge and advice, so feel free to contact him with any saber questions.

Affordable Entry & Mid Level Lightsabers
Custom Lightsabers & Components

It All Started Building Custom Lightsabers …..

Our sister brand, Sulphur City Foundry was started way back in 2017 to support members of the fledgling NZ lightsaber community. In the ol’ days, sabers were expensive to import and spare parts were a nightmare! Paying thirty dollars shipping for a $1 spare part was the norm.

Embracing the Kiwi ‘can do’ spirit, Sulphur City Foundry changed all of that by firing up New Zealand’s first custom lightsaber, parts & repair store to help grow the new community!

Now, in 2023 our sister brand Sulphur City Sabers is filling the need for a dependable, ethical & technically skilled NZ supplier of affordable, entry-level saber models.

Where is Sulphur City Sabers Based?

Sulphur City Sabers is located in Rotorua, smack centre of the North Island. We look after saber enthusiasts nationwide with our cool online store.

Whilst we don’t run a physical store, you’ll find us at the various weekly Rotorua saber meets, which is the best spot to come and have a chat whilst talking to a bunch of other people about how to get into the scene / what saber you may wish to try.

What Can I Expect from Sulphur City Sabers?

Here at Sulphur City Sabers you can expect a carefully curated range of sabers, impeccable ethics, a strong community focus and genuine support.

Through our media, we go to great lengths to ensure you make a saber buying decision that’s suited to your needs. Though our focus is offering an affordable range of entry level sabers, you’ll never find us stocking a saber we don’t feel meets a minimum build standard or design. No ‘bantha poodoo’ here!

Make sure to attend your local meets. Great place to experience custom lightsabers and affordable models, alike.