On an RGB Baselit or SN-Pixel saber, the most common reason for a lack of sound, is that your saber is in Mute mode. Mute mode is one of the three sound volume settings: Mute, Low Volume, High Volume. To check your volume setting is simple.

Whilst the saber is off, hold down the power button for just over a second (if your saber has an LED switch, it will flash once) and release. You should hear an audio queue that the sound volume has changed. Repeating the action will cycle through the three volume settings.

Soundboards can also do very odd things when the saber has low charge. If mute mode wasn’t the issue, charge your saber fully and try again. If neither of these actions resolve the issue, we ask that you immediately contact support using the form below. In the first instance, please do not attempt any self repair unless directed.